Why should you choose us?

Choosing us as advisors in planning your next charter, you make a choice based on our unparalleled assets. Our extensive contact network across the charter industry provides us with access to the finest crews and an extensive selection of boats, each tailored to your individual needs.

Unparalleled experience and creative thinking set us apart, and we leverage it with innovative technology to enrich your charter experience. Opt for a unique and unforgettable journey where every detail reflects our commitment to excellence.

Our team – your yacht charter experts

Our expert charter team takes a personal approach when choosing the perfect yacht, crew and destination. We are not merely consultants; we are passionate and dedicated professionals with extensive experience in the charter industry.
What makes us different? Innovation. We are at the forefront of the industry, constantly exploring new trends and technologies to ensure you enjoy the most memorable and luxurious experience.

Our team’s expertise is unparalleled. We have crossed oceans to create unforgettable voyages for our clients and have established relationships with the top crews and yacht suppliers. We know what makes a yacht charter special, and we are here to share that expertise with you.

Personalised experiences

We strive to create personalised adventures at sea that fully accommodate your every need and personal preference. We make each of our voyages a unique experience tailored to your needs.

Our yachting team is determined to fully understand your expectations and provide you with a yacht, crew and destination that fulfils your wildest dreams.

Whether you fancy a peaceful getaway at sea, a thrilling adventure or a festive celebration, we are ready to provide you with a unique experience that reflects your individual personality.

We offer over 3000 proven and recommended luxury yachts in our selection. To find the perfect vessel, we encourage you to get in touch with us.


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