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Our fascination with yachts began in the premium sector in 2005. For over a decade, we have been diligently expanding our knowledge to understand the needs and expectations of our clientele, who seek extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. From the very beginning, we have been captivated by the beauty of yachts and their exceptional design and versatility. Working with exceptional clients requires not only a unique approach but also complete flexibility and professionalism, qualities that we have developed over the years within our company.

Yacht boutique

Establishing our boutique yacht company, Patrick Marine, our goal was creating a comprehensive range of services. Starting in 2019, we have been collaborating with MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association) and have access to the Yachtfolio database, available for authorized charter brokers. Our charter department, active for six years, is steadily growing. Currently, we conduct approximately 50 charters per season, and we observe a continuous increase in interest in our services. We anticipate a substantial growth in new clients for the next year.

We are visible

Our presence is also felt at numerous prestigious charter events, such as the MYBA Charter Show, ECPY Open Days, and open days at the Monaco Yacht Club organized by CLUSTER MONACO. Since 2008, we have been participating in the Cannes Yachting Festival and Düsseldorf Boot, and since 2017, we have also been present at the Monaco Yacht Show. We are proud members of ECPY, ISS, IYBA. The next step in our expansion was the opening of an office in Monaco, allowing us to enhance our international presence.

Patrick Uznański

Patrick Uznański

Patrick, founder and CEO of Patrick Marine, is a unique individual whose life has been shaped by his passion for water sports and fascination with the sea. Born in the picturesque city of Kraków, he showed a great interest in various sports as a child, and as he grew up, this passion evolved into his life’s path. After graduating with an MBA in marketing and business management, Patrick began his professional career, engaging in various luxury business ventures. These were the years when he delved into the secrets of operating in the premium sector, gaining invaluable experience and skills. However, the true culmination of his career came in 2008, when Patrick began his exciting adventure with yachting. It was then that he realized his limitless possibilities and decided to create a home for dreams of luxury cruises. This is how Boutique Yachting was born, a company that has been growing rapidly under his leadership. Thanks to Patrick’s precise market vision and extraordinary commitment, the company has grown into a true industry leader. With a wide portfolio of yacht brands and offering the highest quality services, Patrick Marine has become an international leader in its field. Headquartered in both Poland and prestigious Monaco, the company is achieving success on a global scale. Patrick is not only an outstanding entrepreneur, but also a true passionate who strives for excellence with great dedication.

Joanna Ceran

Joanna Ceran

Joanna has been working diligently at Patrick Marine for the past ten years. This is a place where the realization of extraordinary projects is an everyday occurrence, and her commitment to this work is priceless. As a Charter Manager, she provides support at every stage of charter organization. She is a person who plans personalized travel experiences with great care. Her amazing ability to focus on details and discretion are the qualities that distinguish her in this role. She always strives to exceed customer expectations, striving to provide them with an unforgettable time that will remain in their memories for many years.

However, Joanna’s life is not just about work. After hours, she loves physical activity, and sports are an integral part of her passion. At the same time, she is constantly deepening her culinary knowledge, exploring various cuisines and discovering new, unique restaurants all over the world.

However, the most important role in Joanna’s life is the role of mother of two wonderful children. She is proud of her family and in her private life she puts emphasis on the values that are the foundation of her daily life. Her life is a harmonious balance between work, passions and love for family. Joanna is an inspiration to many people both in work and in her personal life. Her story is an example that passion and commitment lead to achieving excellence in everything she does.

Margot Ceran

Margot Ceran

Margot is an experienced sales and purchasing specialist with an international focus. Her broad skills and knowledge allow her to operate with great confidence in the demanding markets of Central and Eastern Europe. She grew up in a family of sailors, which instilled in her a love of the water from a young age. This passion grew into a fascination with sailing and all water sports. It was these experiences from her youth that sparked her love of yachts in adulthood.

Margot’s extensive travels and professional experiences have allowed her to find her place in the international yachting industry. Her understanding that yachts open doors to places that are often difficult to reach, offering exceptional adventures, is a constant source of inspiration for her. This awareness is what drives her to pursue her career at Patrick Marine.

We focus on development

As a company focused on growth, sustainable progress, and high service standards, we aim to be recognized as a boutique family business that pays meticulous attention to detail. Our services go beyond charter sales. Before the charter, we provide advice to our clients and carefully select yachts tailored to their individual needs. We suggest cruising routes and offer comprehensive travel logistics. During the charter, we are available to our clients 24 hours a day. To ensure secure transactions, we exclusively use MYBA charter contracts for which we have authorized access. Our constant efforts are dedicated to providing our clients with unforgettable and unique experiences.


We offer over 3000 proven and recommended luxury yachts in our selection. To find the perfect vessel, we encourage you to get in touch with us.


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